Pickle + Oil

Pickling is a metal surface treatment that’s used during various steel making processes to remove impurities such as stains, rust or scale from ferrous metals. Bundles are broken, parts separated and then dipped in a strong acidic solution which removes the surface impurities. After pickling, a light water soluble rust preventative is applied to slow the rate of rust.

The benefits of pickling include:

  • A cleaner and smoother surface than shot blasting, to provide a better quality paint application and appearance.
  • Superior surface application for e-coat and powder coat paint systems.
  • Clean surface cosmetic consistency; scale and rust free base metal ready for paint, fabrication, plating, etc.
  • Secondary (salvage) steel due to rust can now be reclaimed to near prime condition.

While we don’t pickle in-house, we can arrange to have your items pickled and oiled prior to shipment.